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Transmitter brand help
Just bought a d4 and was wondering what would be a good transmitter receiver and servo brands to get the best countersteer

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There are decent servos that are fast for cheap, I will never stop recommending the BMS 621MG from hobbyking and the Savox 1251.Anything .12s and faster would be solid though depending on the track and what you like. As for a Radio you can go from a Flysky GT3C at around 50 or get a very good, responsive radio from companies like Futaba [ 3PL ], Sanwa [ MX V ] and have every feature a sport drifter/club racer would need.

Response time is something you really want, range is always a plus but if you want to feel connected to your rig you definitely want something mid grade radio wise.
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What about motor and esc

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Oh and thank you this info is very helpful

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For motor and esc I always recommend two setups. For a brushless setup at 130 the castle creations sv3 setup. There warranty and support Can't be beaten hands down. Sure you can get a speed passion sensored but when it lights on fire good luck.

Pickup the usb cable to modify the settings on your PC. Can get the throttle curve so smooth its almost like using a sensored setup.

For brushed and very very cheap the yeah racing 13t hackmoto brushed motor and speed control. Both can be had for 30 total. Brushed is still decent. You may lose battery life and not be as fast as the brushless guys BUT it will be loud and smooth and for a beginner smooth and cheap is what you want.

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