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Tsukuba Circuit Time Attack
your videos always amaze me.
Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
RE-Xtremes videos have always caught my eyes too lol, I love well edited videos. I'm hoping to start learning video editing this year, and give it a try myself :D

Aside from various Tsukuba Time Attack events, one of the biggest time attack events being held now is the World Time Attack Challenge.

This event is officially sponsored by Hankook and now will only run on Hankook tires starting in 2013... I don't really like the decision to control tires, but oh well..

Here's a promotion video from a few years back. The JGTC styled RX-7 you see here is also a car that was just a few tenths shy of beating HKS's previous record held at Tsukuba. (The first link RE-Xtreme provided earlier has a ton of pics of the car as well if you want to see more of it)

The World Time Attack Challenge lap record was held by CyberEvo of Japan for 2 straight years. In 2012 they revised the aero with the help of C-West to hopefully run a faster lap, and challenge a car that was causing huge amounts of controversy on the internet of what should be legal for time attack. Unfortunately the car never posted a time...

This is the car that caused a lot of controversy over the net due to it's aero design, it was code named "NEMO", and smashed the previous record by over 3 seconds. It was the only car that could go flat out in turn one of the Eastern Creek Raceway thanks to it's radical design. This car caused World Time Attack Challenge to modify their rule books and create a new class for it as well.


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Here's a video of that boss s15 that broke the record.  Sry im on my phone and don't no how to emblem it.
[Image: KC_zpsd2cfde5e.jpg]

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