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tt01e rear wheel chatter
(01-26-2013, 01:13 AM)pickled Wrote:  I would say so! looks like you'll be ordering a new crown gear!

ordered the whole diff don't like the feel of the bearings and couldn't find the bearings by themselves so i bought the whole set up and payed for the rush should be here early next week. can't have my car down for to long. and especially since my new motors are coming and my gear sets. can't have this no na na no no way.
if ya can slide it you can drift it!!
yeah hate having to wait too!
well i found out today after getting my basher rims in the mail along with my gears that even though the diff was missing a tooth it was not in fact that that caused the chatter. it was in fact one of the wheels(rims)on the rear had softened to much when i was boiling the glued tires of the rims and guess it formed with a slight oblong shape causing the pipe tire to not wear down evenly. put new set of tires and rims on today and gave it a try with old rear diff and even missing a tooth it run smooth. would have never noticed that if it didn't roll off my table and i seen it wobble slightly
if ya can slide it you can drift it!!
glad you figured it out
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