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Got my new chassis in today, can't wait to start stripping it down to loctite everything and seal the edges of all the carbon fiber bits.. then on to buying all the electronics over the next month or so and getting the body done
[Image: 4125837c939f5044680b6748b2eae583.jpg]

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I'm looking forward to see how this progresses. I just got done sealing a lower deck last weekend and while it was a bit nerve-wracking to do it (I use the heavy bead method with medium CA), it turned out great.

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I think I'm going to go with the YR Hacktronic 10.5 combo, YR Hackslider gyro, YR Hackgear drift spec servo.. keep all the electronics the same and on a mid level budget. Can't wait to start building this car, I'll satrt a build thread once i get some parts in and get started. Any recommendations for spur and pinion size on this chassis with 10.5 motor.?

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Do you guys really have problems losing screws or do you just Loctite just in case?
I used it on my first tear down/rebuild but since then I've done a few and never used Loctite and never had problems losing screws.
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I'm planning on it since I'm tearing the whole car down anyways and just a lil extra insurance. I've had screws lost and backed out halfway in the past with aluminum parts, better safe than sorry.

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I'm lookin b forward to seeing the building progress as a future owner. Thank you in advance.
BTW apology for my ignorance in advance but loitering is for only holding screws?
If so, is there any tip to prevent messing up screw head?

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