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TUTORIAL: How to Remove RC body Paint.
For Tamiya PS paint, the best way to remove it I've found so far is Tamiya's own 'Polycarbonate Body Cleaner'. All other options like brakefluid, nailpolish remover and Carson Paint Killer have clouded the lexan. Some worse than others, but so far the only one that didn't affect the lexan is the Tamiya stuff. Give it a try if you spot it at your LHS or in a webshop
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yeah, that little purple-topped bottle is the only surefire remover for PS

for Parma Fascolor (that hasn't yet been sealed with PS) it just needs warm water :)
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What bout go-off. Its graffiti remover too in a yellow can? Would this work?
From what I know that will etch and cloud the lexan
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