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Tutorial: Pull body clips
Hello guys,

I wanted to do pulls for my body clips, so it would be easier to pull them from bodyposts, and I decided to make a tutorial, so you could make them for yourself too =)

Things you'll need:
Zip ties (2 for one bodyclip; I used 2,2mm wide)
Some tubes (those can be antenna tubes, but I used thin wall heatshrinkable tubes)

[Image: 1j2h07.jpg]

First, take a bodyclip and a zip tie, pull the zip tie through the bodyclip and tie it.

[Image: ckl8i.jpg]

Then, put on the tube and tie the second zip tie on the first one.

[Image: t7lenm.jpg]

Cut the left ends of the zip ties and you're done!

[Image: 25qvdc7.jpg]

Maybe some of you already knew how to make those pulls, but still, hope this helps.
P.S. Sorry for my english, it isn't so good.
cool tutorial.simple yet very effective.
if ya can slide it you can drift it!!
This is awesome. So simple, but I was looking for a good idea for these.
[Image: Vhsk1.jpg]
On the car it looks like this:
[Image: 9awm0w.jpg]
Not too bad I think  =)
Very similar to the ones on my nitro buggy but used the fuel tubing instead of the heat shrink.

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