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Usukani Sakura D4 Parts
hey guys new here i just ordered my first RC chassis ever i ordered the Sakura D4 RWD hoping to build a decent first Drift RC car and on another post here i saw someone recommending the Usukani Knuckles for this chassis but i cant seem to find them avaialable anywhere so was hoping someone can help me out here B)
ok forget it i found a set and also ordered the 3racing curved slide track steering set wich was recommended in that same post now im just looking for 30mm titanium turnbuckles is the gauge on these standard or do i have to absolutly find some 3racing?
if anyone can help me with the turnbuckle that would be awesome
i think i use 28mm 3Racing Titanium turnbuckles, had a hard time finding 30mm. but you can use any brand as long as they are M3 threaded.

btw, i ordered mine from RCMart in HK, you can get them from the 3Racing site too but a little more expensive.

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