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VDF keeps spinning out at full lock
Pencil erasers haha? I took a video and showed some of my friends. Right now I am in the process of rebuilding the FOW. Hopefully by tomorrow, it will be the remedy to my issue. Because I removed the joint cups and flipped sides. And it drove fine for 5 minutes haha.
[Image: chris_zps472af1b7.gif]
Sounds like your rubber stoppers might be binding. Maybe try removing them?
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Basil - I just ran my VDF II for the first time yesterday. I'm new to drifting so my experience and skills are limited. That being said, my VDF was uber easy to drift. The car was very stable and controllable in long sweepers and tight drifts. My current/base CS setup is posted here. I'm sure I'll make additional setup changes as I get better at this.

In doing figure 8s I've noticed that the 'switch' of direction is initiated by going full lock and modulating the throttle. This starts the rotation to the opposite direction and you have to 'catch' it by starting to CS in the new direction to prevent it from  spinning out completely. I don't know if your  spinning out at full lock problem is related to this or not. In either case, I hope you get it all sorted out soon.
Thanks John.C for the information, but my VDF was spinning out due to the Front One Way needed to be taken apart for maintanence and relubing. Now I have no issues, but I will be selling my VDF shortly since my new FS01D from MST came this morning.
[Image: chris_zps472af1b7.gif]

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