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VIP II 50/50 setup Help
Hello DM peeps!   I need your help!   I have a MST VIP II that I just pick up.   I am trying to make this chassis have a 50/50 setup.   It is currently stock with 40/16 Front and, 36/18 rear.   What do I need to make it 50/50.   Does MST even sell parts to make it, if so that do I need? How about belts? What part numbers do I need?    Has anyone done this already?   Thanks in advance!!
I hope I don't come across as a douche but why would you want to make your MS VIP 50/50?

I just view the chassis as one of the best CS cars available out of the box. It has no bad tendencies and very good balance.

Even if you were a beginner, it's a very good chassis to learn to drive from. 50/50 will give you bad habits. Try learning to drive with lighter throttle input. Lighter throttle makes for an easier to drive car. I thought I was Billy badass when I was drifting my 50/50 car. When I tried CS that was a healthy serving of humble pie. But once I learned CS, and that it was all in my throttle finger, I now have the confidence to drive anything even RWD. Eventually you'll come to find CS isn't really that hard.

All this being said, if you absolutely have to convert the car  to 50/50, you can always swap out the rear pulley set to match the front.
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.


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