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wareagle84's Supra
Looks awesome mate
That blue reminds me of a dodge viper
Nice job looks epic

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thanks for the kind words guys!
I've been inspired to do a little more work with this body now. lol
unfortunately classes start Monday, so it'll be a slow process before Im completely done with it.
whered you get the light buckets? heres mine [Image: dc9e2a76733611e390511240dc933d03_8.jpg]
the light buckets came with the HPI Supra body.
I like the white, and I have that same Impreza WRX STi too! lol
I love the work you've done on this. Especially that you went with a clean look. Also dig the wheels, they go really well with the rest of the car. Good work!
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I've must of missed it, but what color did you use? silver backing right?
Pactra Metallic Blue backed with SpazStix Mirror Chrome then backed with Pactra Indy Silver.
Only had enough SpazStix chrome to do one light coat, so had to use the Indy Silver to finish it off.
HPI Sprint 2 Flux - full carbon fiber/aluminum upgrades 50/50
HPI Sprint 2 Flux - RWD project
HPI RS4 Sport 3  - carbon fiber/aluminum shelf queen
Looks like a candy oriental blue i use have on an old blazer. I will need to try similar paint, got an s13 im making plans on

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