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What ball ends work with the OD ball cap set
I'm wondering if anyone knows what ball ends work with the overdose ball cap set? It says there 4.3 and OD makes a set but they've been out of stock for ever. Kyosho and Square make sets too but the Kyosho only come in 4.3x5 and I was hoping for a longer and the Square ones are Ti and cost $$$. I'm wondering if the Yokomo ones are the correct size but they only have letters for sizes(i.e. S,L)?
Yokomo Doripake RWD

I just put them on my Yokomo DRB, so you need Yokomo ones.
Overdose DRB
Overdose Galm
Overdose Vacula 2
Do you know what size Yok ball ends come on the DRB?

Or are all Yok ones the same size and the letter refers to the thread length and pitch?
Yokomo Doripake RWD


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