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What did u do to your drifter today!
Stripped the motor gears on my tt01 ='( reallllly hope my local hobby shop have the replacement parts =L
Can someone help me? I have a team magic e4d MF pro with a 13.5t brushless running 2 . The spur is a 110t with 64p. I just need some recommended starting points for pinion gears. Thanks...
I bumped my cs up to 2.02 on my Mst Xxx-d vip ht!

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Today I cut out the body plastic on a Lambo Countach LP500 body I got from HobbyKing and I'm getting it ready for the MST FXXD-S chassis that I ordered from Basic kit with just a few aluminum upgrades cuz they are so expensive when you start doing that and I want to keep the cost down on this kit. [My other 2 MST cars ended up costing way too much].
Thinking of a Turnigy brushless system with a Trackstar 9 or 10T motor, or going brushed with a MST 22 turn motor, they are actually pretty good for drifting and I have an extra brushed ESC hanging around, so I wait to decide which way to go.
Will post pics when I get it going.........
I haven't touched my car since like early January. :(
been spending so much time cleaning, packing and getting things in order to move to the Phoenix area I haven't even thought about emptying some batteries. sometimes being an adult sucks! lol
HPI Sprint 2 Flux - full carbon fiber/aluminum upgrades 50/50
HPI Sprint 2 Flux - RWD project
HPI RS4 Sport 3  - carbon fiber/aluminum shelf queen
I put the aluminum upgrade rear spool in my MST MS-01D because I broke the original plastic on the second day. Now I'm up and running also changed the receiver and transmitter to the flysky gt3b just because.

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I have tried so many different shock/spring/oil combinations last couple days for my 16FM it's driven me nuts. Also changed some tensioners around and cut a small piece of bumper foam to use as bump stops for each steering arm to eliminate the wobble at full lock. SPent rest of day considering RWD change but figure it's better to buy a new chassis from Eagle complete... will try bribe Mrs with sweet talking and semi palatable cooking >..>
Opened the box - I ended up selling the R31.

This will sit as it is for a while as I also picked up a twin hammers. Still need to loctite the screws and CA the CF.

[Image: PfVvBMz.jpg]
Wow that is gorgeous!! Please tell us N00Bs what that is!! I see the eagle racing but which model?? Now I am gonna go practice some drifting!!!

Not much happening locally for drift I think I may keep this in it's box, I found somewhere to do sweet jumps with my hammers so that will tide me over for the winter.

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