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What does everyone recommend for a beginner
I disagree. TT01 is good but expensive to upgrade. If you don't like drifting it can be converted to touring or offroad. I'd say best option for a noob is something that is versatile and can be used for more than one style of driving. But if your sure you'll like drifting, get a mst rtr. Always room to upgrade down the line. Oh and if you do buy tt01 and decide you don't want to drift anymore, convert it to rally for offroad fun. None m of the other chassis mentioned above can do this.
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Go all out and buy a yokomo dib or mst fs01. The sakura is a good chassis but it's a bitch to work on and if you end up going all out on it, it ends up costing more than a mst or yokomo. Necessary upgrades on a sakura are alloy pullies, alloy steering, alloy front bulkhead and the ultra wide angle cvd.

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I personally can recommend the Yokomo DIB RS.

It is 50:50 in stock, and can be easily upgraded into all CS versions, even RWD (with some customizations).

Everything you need (except electronics) is included (One way, Spool). The assembly is very easy since each plastic bag is numbered according to the assembly step.
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