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What is a good CS percent to start with?
I have a HPI Sprint 2 chassis, I know not the best, but I plan to CS it. I'm thinking instead of ordering $60 worth of pulleys from 3Racing and trying all different percents or ratios, and then trying to fit and figure what belt(s) I will need, I will start with 50% CS or 1.50 CS Ratio, try that and go up or down from there. I will get the 9T pulley from Finger Robotics and the 18T pulley from 3Racing. This pulley has a 3mm bore and will need to be drilled out to 4mm, but that isn't a problem for me.

My rear belt has a little stretch, so I think I might be able to run the 18T center rear with the stock 58 Tooth belt if I set the center shaft to the rear angle bearing slot. This will also take up some of the slack on the front belt.

I thought of starting with the 9T pulley in the front, then it will open up my options for all sorts of CS % and higher ones if I want to try that. With some measuring and guessing I don't think much bigger than the 23T pulley from 3Racing will fit on the car for the rear center pulley and still clear the motor.

Then with the stock 32T front and rear diff sizes and a 9T front and 23T rear I could go up to 156% CS/2.56 CS Ratio.

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What is a good CS percent to start with? - by Driftotron - 09-12-2013, 02:13 AM

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