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What tires do you run & on what surface??
This is a discussion about tires!!

what do you run? what made you choose them? what surface do you run on?

any comments or suggestions are welcome!

I personally run mostly Raikou D70 and S45 on most asphalt and smooth concrete. They are very smooth tires with some variation in speed and insanely HIGH drift angles.

I also have started running TN Racing 219 carpet tires inside my house. They are smooth and extremely hard and offer alot of slip on the high grip fibers

We used to run smooth t-drifts but found the speed and angles lackluster, which is why we switched to raikou (being sponsored helps alot too!)
I run r2 version of the t-drifts on a smooth shop floor. I run them cuz they are cheap and don't perform any better or worse than the legit Hpi t-drift for the most part. We run a track wih no real high speed section so big angle with speed is not a big issue
[Image: prodigydDMbanner.jpg]
I run Drifterstreet CS-F2 tires on polished concrete. I have tried almost every brand known based on slip>grip, its ability to go on different surfaces and other things but this tire proved to be the best for me. It is now the main tire down here in Sydney :). The only tire that came close was the streetjam hard compounds bit they never seem to be in a large amount of stoc whenever i feel like buying a set.
got a link for the drifter streets?
As a total noob to drifting, I run whatever HPI tires I can find at the LHS...and burn thru them fairly quickly 'cause the only place I really have to drift is my asphalt driveway.Sick
Try out the raikous... i run a set for 6 monthd at a time
i run DS Racing RAZE tire on carpet's very nice , more grip than RCART5004 tire, which is very nice too in Carpet surface.....
I run T-Drifts on most surfaces, I buy them from R2 Hobbies because they are cheap. The drift club out here though during competition time if we are running on smooth polished surfaces we have to run HPI A-Types or we are not allowed to run in the comps. But any other surface that is used in comps T-Drifts are allowed.  

One thing I do not like about the HPI A-Types is the price though. $40 for 4...
I run on blade copies from r2. I'm suprised about their quality It's very good. Mostly I drive on asphalt and for me those tires are best choice. They are slippy as T-drifts on carpet but they do not burn as fast as T drifts on asphalt
I just run tdrifts, i am still wanting to try a set of raikous but i dont know where to get them. I currently run on the concrete, the asphalt here is wwwaaaaayyyyy to rough and eats my tires.

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