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What tires do you run & on what surface??
It may work for some but I prefer cs-r in front and ga26 in rear. Also run hard type compound.
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I might try that. You're talking for RWD? And what surface you running carpet?

(10-29-2012, 12:26 PM)robb41488 Wrote:  This is a discussion about tires!!

what do you run? what made you choose them? what surface do you run on?

any comments or suggestions are welcome!

I personally run mostly Raikou D70 and S45 on most asphalt and smooth concrete. They are very smooth tires with some variation in speed and insanely HIGH drift angles.

I also have started running TN Racing 219 carpet tires inside my house. They are smooth and extremely hard and offer alot of slip on the high grip fibers

We used to run smooth t-drifts but found the speed and angles lackluster, which is why we switched to raikou (being sponsored helps alot too!)

What raikou ties do u recommend for polished concrete? I don't want to feel like I'm sliding on ice

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Any suggestions on running on asphalt
Hpi t drifts or mst hard/hardest
Raikou d70 once broken in they slide well and last forever. Used mine for six months and they still have a bit of meat one them.

I bought T-Drifts because the Raikou D70s were out of stock. I still want to get some D70's to try.
I've been liking the R2Hobbies TDrift tires and my supply is running low but but I'm not finding only a 404 notice? Anyone know where they went?
(03-13-2015, 08:58 PM)rudeboy03 Wrote:  It may work for some but I prefer cs-r in front and ga26 in rear. Also run hard type compound.
I just started using the same combo, running soft compound on very smooth surface. Like a countertop. Crazy grip. Might try medium to slow it down a bit for tandems.
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I've been using Raikou DP50s on a concrete basement floor (not polished) and love them. Although, with my driving style, most plastic non-tread tires feel the same. My car performs pretty much the same, whether it's on MST tires, Raikou, or cheapo eBay ones. Only the HPI Tdrifts felt different, but they had tread. They wore down too fast for my liking anyway. The Raikous are still going strong.

I usually run 2-3 batteries a day, almost every day.

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