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What would your drift track be like?
We are working on our scale drift track in a garage so far this is what we have thought of. What would you put on your scale drift track?

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.jpg   Edited_Imageb16a1621-39c5-4d51-81d0-3081773e2b45_TapatalkEditedImage.jpg (Size: 196.5 KB / Downloads: 40)
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Here are a few more pictures

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.jpg   FB_20141212_07_49_48_Saved_Picture.jpg (Size: 176.35 KB / Downloads: 39)
.jpg   FB_20141211_08_20_26_Saved_Picture.jpg (Size: 187.93 KB / Downloads: 40)
.jpg   FB_20141211_08_18_48_Saved_Picture.jpg (Size: 159.13 KB / Downloads: 40)
.jpg   FB_20141211_08_17_25_Saved_Picture.jpg (Size: 169.65 KB / Downloads: 37)
Looks good. I'd add some driving lane lines. Helps add to scale realism and also keeps those driving lines in check.
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Good idea!
Street lights, like they have in those Korean videos on youtube, would look pretty dope
I definitely want street lights and some sort of gate... I think in some of those Korean videos they are actually using spoons for the street lights( I been pausing alot of YouTube videos to see the scale work lol)
Lovely garages

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