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Where my San Diego Drifters at?
I have created a Facebook Group specifically for San Diego Drifters.  I think it's something we need, to grow our local drifting community. We'll be able to setup meets and help each other out along the way.  Looking for quality members that will be there for each other when help is needed.  Message me what part of San Diego you are from and I will send you the link.  The group is in its exclusive stage right now, so the Group is hidden from the public.  

Hope to gain interest from fellow local drifters to get this party started!
Hey man I'm not in San Diego yet. I will be moving in January. Ocean Side to be exact.
I dont have a drifter right now but I will be getting one when I move. I have one monster truck right now. Im still new to the hobby and it would be nice to get to know somebody before eI get there that has the same passion as I do. If you give me your Facebook page I can hod on to it until I get there and look you guys up and go to meets. Thanks.

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