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Which Battery to use
So i want to get into the hobby and start off with a TT02 "ARR" kit comes assembled with gearing, shocks, wheels and motor maybe more all it says i need to buy is a charger and battery. On the site it says Exactly gonna do a rought translator from german languge ""Required accessories:7.2V NiMH battery pack, charger."" so my question is must it he a nimh i'd much rather see a Lipo in there, if i can use a Lipo what one can i use like company or size or idk how it goes by.  If more info is needed tell me

Thanks in advance.
ohh yeah also i want the battery to last atleast 30-45 min per one if i can squeeze that much out of a battery at all. HMMM

Edit: looked at online stores in my country we mostly got Traxxas, RCplus,LRP. But i could probably order from germany if you got any specific brands in mind.

Also a good and quick charger for that battery if you know any :D
This is why you don't want a TT-02
Its old. hence old technology.
The TT-02 doesn't have much after market parts available and I bet the market will run out of tt-02 parts very soon.
There are more balanced designs with more adjustability out there.
You have the MST's prebuilt drifts well right out of the box.
If you want to customise your ride then you can always go for a D4 or an MST chassis.
If your up for an adventure go for the D4.
If you want a sure thing then go for an RTR MST.

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