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This is an old 235mm Body fitted to a 190mm Sakura Zero drift car. i had to widen the car by 45mm using some rock crawler axle wideners and it also has 10 offset wheels to fit the guards. The extra width exaggerates the rear toe and steering angles which i need to adjust still. its painted in iridescent purple/green and actually drifts quite well considering the mods. I have had a look around and cant see anyone else that has done this on a 190mm chassis, let me know what you guys all think! =)

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.jpg   2013-04-05 11.27.43 (1).jpg (Size: 439.95 KB / Downloads: 61)
.jpg   2013-04-05 11.28.02 (1).jpg (Size: 229.65 KB / Downloads: 72)
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that is wicked looking
if ya can slide it you can drift it!!
Nice German WunderPanzer :)
Can we observe some shots of the modded chassis?
Thank you and sure thing, here is the axle adapters and tube nuts i used.

.jpg   2013-03-19 17.09.08 (1).jpg (Size: 245.53 KB / Downloads: 20)
.jpg   2013-03-19 17.08.18 (1).jpg (Size: 227.17 KB / Downloads: 17)

My local hobby shop has a fair few of these old 235mm bodies that are real cheap because they have been sitting around for years, and they have some unique models. i have only been into rc cars for 4 months so it would be good to see what someone with more bodywork skills could do with something like this!

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