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wide body
Anyone have tips on how to perfectly cut the body out. And also best way to attach wide body fenders and bumpers?
To cut bodies my preferred method is to score a line with an exacto blade where I want to make the cut, then bend to separate. Mind you varying thicknesses of polycarbonate can effect how easily this can be done so a few passes with the blade may be necessary and take care when you bend along the line. Then sand to smooth. It does take some feel and practice, it's not perfect, nothing is.

I like to use the small body screws, pre tap and back with hot glue for fenders. As an example but there are a few other similar products:

Show goop is also a good option for fenders and what I usually use for bumpers.
Depending on the part, I either score and snap the excess material (make sure you use a fresh blade) or use lexan scissors to trim it away, making sure I don't cross the line. I'll also follow up with either a Protoform sanding block or drum to move right up to the line. The drum can be a bit aggressive so take your time. The block works wonders on the long side panel edges.

As for attaching fenders and bumpers, I prefer double-sided tape in some areas and aluminum HVAC fiber tape in others. Screws are nice as well if the body kit calls for them.

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