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Wood track (floating)
So what I'm thinking is using 2400x1200m structural plywood.. and doing a track layout like:

EDIT: ohhh and covering it with water based floor paint, as after carpet it seems the most used surface in Japan

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was there any progress on making this modular track? im looking to make one in my front yard.
(09-02-2014, 10:27 PM)dj nekkon Wrote:  Our first track when we started drifting. It was built that way, but it was too big to fold and to small for multiple drivers. We tried everything before doing this. after a year, It went to a full concrete track, a lot bigger but with the same layout. Now, we started our indoor track.

[Image: 1528671_1430339180534322_62201995_n_zpsd33a2d36.jpg]
[Image: 73147_1430339077200999_1685590848_n_zps6c17a228.jpg]

Im new to drifting and cant get over how cool this is. What type of surface is this, what are other choices and what are pros and cons for why people choose what surface they use?  Im going to have to build something and any help would be much appreciated or suggestions on where to research.  Also should I buy the rtr version 2 rwd MST that recently came out if I want an rtr???
Is there anyone who makes tracks available to buy?
Jeez just saw this from a few years ago, moved since I posted the opening post haha ... luckly I didn't make anything permanent back then.
I have thought about putting some tempered Masonite down for a drift track. I'm thinking it would drift like polished concrete. If not it could be painted with some enamel floor paint. Then when not in use they could be stood up out of the way. Plus they would also be portable to take somewhere else too.
Exceed RC MadPulse awd


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