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Wrap-up Next Soarer.
[Image: 11299866006_e4ebbd04da_b.jpg]

[Image: 11299832784_473c9aaa92_b.jpg]

Just waiting to finish my interior and lights, but its basically finished.

Oh and new wheels and tires =)
Looks great! Always like seeing oldschool type bodies done real clean like this
[Image: 4028172207455215s.jpg]
Overdose Drift Package RWD
CER D08 Premium RWD
Yokomo DRB Overdose RWD
Ce-RX type R White Wolf RWD
Simplicity at it's best
Currently working on a RWD Sakura D3 Check out my --->build thread^^

Cool! I love this body style of soarer! Nice paint color too.
I love clean street body's..Great work!
Overdose + Tail-Slider MST XXX-D VIP FM Red w/ HT Suspension Fully upgraded ^^

sweet body. enjoy
[Image: 222_zpsccdcf383.jpg]

Here For the love of RC Drifting
Thanks guys! I definetly love street cars, I think D1 cars are just ugly! oem+ is where it's at!
This is a cool shell, I love this and ABC Hobbies Leopard Shell
Thanks dude, I want to order a leopard next! I love those shells.
[Image: 11956741205_b39a3f8ec9_z.jpg]

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