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(yet another) Sakura D3 | XEONIT
Hi guys
In this tread i would like to show my D3 RWD build.
i started it about month ago, and i think its now finished. The reason why i change it to RWD was after last ride, when i realized, that CS is rather boring, and i give a challange to myself - build something from scrap :P (thats why i used D3, instead of buing D4). 

First i mount MST arms

[Image: 2lk72m8.jpg]

2nd mod - steering.
Simple, but not simple. When i biuld it on first time, i realized that 3Racing alloy steering system is enought for max steer angle. But it was locking. So i add carbon extensions (self made), and then it started to work fine. Then i add one more adjuster in the middle, so i can adjust Ackerman and toe. 

[Image: 11jvrs3.jpg]

The big problem for me was the steering angle. Tire was hitting the shock. But, MST arms are cool, and i add some spacers into it, put FR-F tire, and that problem was solved. 
Then i make uppers using a Tamiya adjusters (they havent any play, so everything is thick)

Thats how it looks on front

[Image: dfuk5d.jpg]

After some settings, i ended up, with almost 90 degree angle :D

[Image: 5notqt.jpg]

First run was rather good, nothing has broke, and come off, i even took one courner well (without gyro, im still wainting for it). Ive started to learning driving without gyro, but even if i can "drift", or rather sliding in my friend's BMW, this is almost impossible for me lol
So, now i get to work on body for it. It will be in another post, i think in WIP section

Comment, tell me some advice, what should i change. Its my very first RWD chassis, and im new in this, so i dont know everything. It hink that my modss are done well, and my cute, Pinky D3 will fly on track  XD
Keep drifting fun  ^^
  • Sakura D3 RWD
            - Speed Passion 21,5t
            - Nosram Devil
            - Sanwa MX-3

And thats it  Lol
I have made new wiring. This cover is sick, i love how it looks on model

[Image: rbaaa8.jpg]

Chassis is complete in about 95%. Only thing left is mount gyro, and its ready to go

[Image: 2i23jpg.jpg]
  • Sakura D3 RWD
            - Speed Passion 21,5t
            - Nosram Devil
            - Sanwa MX-3

And thats it  Lol

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