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Yokomo DP Rwd Setup
So to the setup...

Our track is on a carpet that is used in conference halls and places - the carpet without fire protection.

The car:

[Image: Ae4iAJ6h.jpg]

The setup:

Front Toe: +2 degrees
Front Camber: -9 degrees
Front Caster: Standard from the manual
Front Shocks: Yokomo's standard shocks
Front Shock oil: #450
Front Shockspring: MST 29mm - Red (soft)
Front Shock position upper: Hole 3 (most layed down)
Front Shock position lower: lowest inward position (most stood up, clearance for the wheels to turn)
Front Rideheight: 7-10mm (after a run it's 7mm, stationary and held up it's 10mm)


Rear Toe: 0 degress
Rear Camber: -2 degress (GA26 contact patch largest at 0 but made to -2 for more sideways bite)
Rear Caster: Not possible to change
Rear Shocks: Tamiya TRF dampers Silver
Rear Shocks oil: #300
Rear Shockspring: MST 28mm Silver (hard)
Rear Shock position upper: Hole 3 (most layed down)
Rear Shock position lower: One position, unless you mirror the rear lower arms, to get a more stood up layout.
Rear Rideheight: 4-6mm (after a run it's 4mm, stationary and help up it's 6mm)


Tires and wheels:

Front: MST CS-R Silver (Hard)
Rear:  MST GA-26 Silver (Hard)

Weld Overdose Work Emotion D9R - Front +5 and Rear +7 offset.


Robekensugi and his videoes about setup:

(Newest setup) [video=youtube]][/video]
(2014 setup)
MST XXX-D VIP - CS 2.0 - Main


MST RMX-S 2.0 - RWD - Secondary
What is the size of bell crank bearings?
Tamiya tt01 type E - subaru brz - stock(maybe it will be not stock anymore)
Yokomo DP Basic (preparing for rwd)

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