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Yokomo Ultima RWD DIB
Hi everyone,

So ive just started to build my first RWD car and its going to be interesting as I haven't ever seen one of these running before!  
My main car is a DIB and now heavily upgraded, I had a load of spare parts just lying around so better way to put them to use.

Its an Ultima RC Yokomo DIB chassis -

[Image: T18OfeFm8aXXXXXXXX_0-item_pic.jpg~original]

Here is what you get in the bag,

Lower deck
Upper deck
F/R Shock towers
Steering upper deck piece

[Image: mmexport1432629027789.jpg~original]

I will post up more images and info during the build
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Holy hell that's a lot of screw holes :D
Im doing this build on a low/mid range budget so most parts are going to be the recycled plastic parts from my CS DIB.

Heres the first photo I took simply mounting the top plate, motor housing and lower bumper stay.

[Image: received_10154122757793018.jpeg~original]

Here's a closer look at the shock towers, lots of mounting options here!

[Image: 11294583_10154122212138018_669371248_o.jpg]

I did actually get an Ultima Slide rack that was supposed to go onto this car but whilst I was waiting for parts I got impatient and wanted to try it out, so I mounted it onto my main CS DIB and well... its staying on there! its really really good!

[Image: mmexport1432629037935.jpg]

Here you can see it mounted on my main DIB.

[Image: DSC_0154.jpg]

So this car has inherited the  KIREKAKU (IB-GC4) steering link set which still should give a good amount of steering lock angle.  
Here is the upper bulk heads and shock towers mounted. I removed the rear plastic part that has the belt running over it normally in forward facing mode as it has the battery door, it gets in the way of the steering links. Easiest way was to simply bolt the upper deck directly onto the steering link and into the lower bulkhead.

[Image: DSC_0106.jpg]

Here's the rear

[Image: DSC_0107.jpg]

As you can see that extra part is not needed at the front.

[Image: DSC_0109.jpg]

So I had a lot of the major parts but there were lots of little things I didnt consider, such as bolts and pins ect that were still being used on my main DIB. So an order was required.

[Image: DSC_0110.jpg]

Ive decided to mount the battery horizontal to start with using the DRB full size batter holder.

[Image: DSC_0111.jpg]

With the lower arm mounts arriving I can now mount the 3D printed A-Arms and rear arms. I also have some nice overdose hubs I picked up from a mate.

[Image: DSC_0113.jpg]

You can see in the picture above I still have the original blue alloy top steering mount plate inserted. The reason for that being I had a spare belt tension upgrade part I can use.

Im using the DIB-RS motor plate (plastic and much cheaper) but it didnt come with any bearings so another order is required :/

[Image: DSC_0125.jpg]

To mock up how the belt will sit I simply put the main drive shaft through and hooked things up temporally until more stuff arrives in the next parts order.

[Image: DSC_0143.jpg]  

[Image: DSC_0141.jpg]

here's a better look at the 3D printed A-Arms but also a little issue I have with the upper arms, I got some TN Racing universal pins that were very cheap in comparison to yokomo's or active's setups however the spacing pushes the arms very far back resulting in massive caster angle.. will need to have a think about how to resolve this >_<

[Image: DSC_0144.jpg]

So this is where im at for the moment until the next haul of parts arrive. This chassis is turning out to be a really interesting layout - I cant wait to finish it up and see how it performs

[Image: DSC_0140.jpg]

Thanks for reading, will update soon! :)
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Cool project coming along nicely
Looking really good man. Can i ask where you got the ultima chassis set

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(07-19-2015, 08:58 AM)timmo1989 Wrote:  Looking really good man. Can i ask where you got the ultima chassis set

Sent from my LG-D855 using RC Drift Handbook

here ya go:
(07-30-2015, 09:26 PM)kwanmh33 Wrote:  
(07-19-2015, 08:58 AM)timmo1989 Wrote:  Looking really good man. Can i ask where you got the ultima chassis set

Sent from my LG-D855 using RC Drift Handbook

here ya go:

Thanks man

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Quick update -

My order is on its way with the remaining items for the build - there was a delay due to a shortage of motor mounts (IB-303M)

Thanks to RC ART for hunting down that part specially!

So I have coming

Yokomo BD5 Pro shock set (SSS Size)
Some more random pins and bearing
Tetsujin Super Rims
Rods ends and hex end ball ends

I have stuck the gyro down and mounted the ESC - using an old busted motor to test weight. This car is going to be very butt heavy! lets hope thats a good thing.

[Image: DSC_0171.jpg]
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Following this build.

Inspired me to hunt for the Ultima chassis set from Taobao for my all-plastic DIB-RS as I intend to keep it all black and stealthy, along with the black Ultima slide rack.

Love your 3D-printed front arm, by the way!

ps: you'll get tonnes of speed by going rear heavy!
Hi Everybody,

Lets continue, so my order arrived and I have finished the initial build!
[Image: DSC_0178_1.jpg]

I did a quick wire cleanup and added some meshing to cover up the colours.
[Image: DSC_0174_1.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0177.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0173.jpg]

Here are the yokomo shocks freshly built
[Image: DSC_0179.jpg]

Mounting the shocks was interesting as the tower is slightly higher than the stock tower. With the springs I currently have I couldnt get a good soft response without mouting them like this. Even this does not respond the way id like. I believe bringing the low end position inward will help this.

[Image: DSC_0182.jpg]

And here it is! Ready for the first run.

[Image: DSC_0184.jpg]

I ended up moving the shock tower forward using spacers to counter the huge caster angle I was getting from the TN racing upper arm pins. I also decided to only have the one main drive gear and used extra spacers and some blue O rings for padding to keep things clean.

Heres a comparison between my CS DIB and the RWD-RM DIB
[Image: DSC_0191_1.jpg]

I have no extra stealth mounts so I have temporarily put the long servo mounts of the rear and some old poles on the front shock tower.

The initial run went well for a first go, by the end of the day I managed to get around our track with some slide action (admittedly the gyro did 95% of the driving) 

So... a few issue I ran into immediately. Motor direction, because id flipped around the motor to match the belt side of the rear diff (and my motor wires were short) the motor direction was reversed. Im using my old Xerun v2.1 esc and it does NOT support change of motor direction. You can change the firmware so it will run CCW but you loose all ability to change timing... so that sucks, no turbo / boost.

Next big thing was rear toe angle, 3.0 Deg was way too much - forcing the car to straighten up more that what id estimated.

The last big thing I noticed was going back to normal front knuckles, some low scrub one's are definitely needed.  

Tires I tested first were toplines but they were much too slippery, I had some red dot MST tires I switched over to and they were much better.

So after the intial run I have made a few adjustments.

[Image: DSC_0196.jpg]

I have switched everything around to allow for the motor direction to be correct. Just need to be careful not to push the main drive pin in too far as it will bind, the spacers still work nicely keeping things clean.
I swapped out the rear 3.0deg toe block for the front 0 deg block. This surprisingly had a positive affect on the front making the shock response softer??... good.

The Gyro is interesting - with AVC mode and normal mode in undecided what mode works best yet. On the day I used AVC but after making the changes I swapped over to normal mode and now I feel like im actually counter steering with the car, not letting the car cs for me.

I have a few extra little bits coming so I will continue to update this thread as I go along and keep progress on the evolution. 

Thanks for following so far guys! will be back hopefully next week with some more goodies... possibly a little bling
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