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Yokomo Ultima RWD DIB
Good news everyone!!  (yes I like futurama)

I have finally got the chassis feeling how I like to drive with consistent handling and good speed vs angle & recovery.

There were 3 things that really got it happening.

1) Tyres
The topline tyres I was using on the rear were simply too slippery for the surface as RWD. I was always spinning even from the slightest amount of throttle

2) Suspension
Soft soft soft soft... as soft as possible.. 150wt oil front and rear with the softest springs I had ( I now have some long kazama springs that are great) BUT!! I was only able to achieve the softness required after doing step 3

3) Weight Shift
Once I noticed that the issue was rear grip - not so much stability, I tried a rear battery weight shift configuration as I was already making a custom part for a drift package. I thought may as well mod the part to fit the DIB too. OH HOLY BALLS... that was the missing link..
Once I had more rear end weight everything fell into place. I was able to get the front shocks nice and soft, the rear shocks started to respond much better having extra weight applied. Going around corners the butt of the car started to just "hang". There was no more twitchy feel - no more constant spin with the slightest bit of power.. I was able to give it some go round corners and hold a nice big angle whilst controlling my speed to tandem.

wow wow wow!!!

I have kept this part top secret but its almost finished and the best news is if you want one for your own DIB or Drift Package - you will soon be able to purchase one!! Stay posted for that, online store will be open soon!! dont bother to PM me as im not on here enough to respond in time - you can join up to our club page at   for updates on store opening

Here''s some photos of the last prototype on DIB. Currently this only fits the stock bulkheads on DIB but im planning on making a version for the alloy bulkheads also.

[Image: rear1.jpg] 

[Image: side.jpg]

[Image: rear2.jpg]
[Image: signature_2015.jpg]
Good work! I'm running 150wt oil on all four corners and that made a big difference over the stock oil weights. I'm also using a shorty pack pushed all the way to the rear of my 275 which gives me a 60/40 weight balance front/rear after I pulled out the bumper weights and aluminum support.

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Drift Gundam Blog
looking good Im running 100wt on all corners with the softest spring i could find, tire choice makes a huge difference on a RWD! im ding the rear battery mount! how are you running the wires to the battery? I was thinking of doing the same but could not find a solution to the wires that i liked 

here are some pictures of what im running

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.jpeg   dib3.jpeg (Size: 244.03 KB / Downloads: 21)
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Great build! I'm working on a CARB-D rwd DIB at the moment. Have you seen his selection of belts? He might have something that you could use that won't require the tensioner.

Also, if you end up making and selling a shorty-lipo version of that battery tray, I would definitely buy one as soon as available...

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!! (Said in my best Fry voice)
Hi all!

Warehouse Sliders RC Drift Club website is now live! you can buy the rear battery mounts for DIB and DP now

@Kyle -> I will be adding the shorty packs within the next week or so! keep an eye out :)
[Image: signature_2015.jpg]
[Image: 72139121.jpg]
(10-03-2016, 10:48 AM)Kyle Wrote:  [Image: 72139121.jpg]

Sorry for the delay bro

Ask and you shall receive!!
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[Image: stockDIB_shorty_001.jpg]
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