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your favourite drift video
There are so many great RC drift videos out there. - But there can be only one, that is the best (in your opinion ;) ) ... Post them up here.

My all time favorite is - SSR Real Drift vol.1 - Because those guys are just rocking the course CS style, with chassis nobody is even talking about anymore today. ^^ - And the AE missile shells are the absolute hit!

What ´s your all time favorite? - Keep ´em coming.
this is absolutely my favorite video ever.... i remember watching it in 06 and going OMG i need to find a way to film me drifting!!

High five guys! both are great vids and i love them both. I how ever am a toss up between nakamuraillegalmill and drift stage dlike videos. I love the way both groups drive, but nakamuraillegalmill makes killer entertaining videos even if they are only 480p.

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This is my all time favour, H2 Riku Foot with RC926 spring  

This was one of mine!

Cant forget about this one too! Scale goodness!!!!
+1 on the SSR real drifters vol.1 being my old school favorite too.
Since that one is already taken, ill share my favorite nakamura illegal mill video.
I like this video because of the intense tandem footage and great camera angle shots....+ i <3 Hachi Roku
I like this one...
great vids..
I like this one, I'm very attracted to the precise drifting style

Ok so ive seen ALOT of videos on youtube and other places, but want to know...whats your ultimate favourite rc drift video? id had to say this is mine hands down just love it.

just cant get passed it, im an avid 86 fan and absolutly love this vid! post your faves!
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search... search... search... lol
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