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Full Version: enRoute New chassis
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Now enRoute start sale his new product.
Top rate and spec - enRoute JXR Evolution

[Image: JXREVO-TOP1000px.jpg]

Full option parts in stock
CS 1.6
Batery brace for Short Lipo
Front Oneway
Rear spool
New main chassis with flex
Alum suspention arms

Full info you can read here - http://www.enroute.co.jp/club/index.php/rc/jxr
That's nice!!
Wow, that looks sick!!
Sweet!!!...getting better and better, the way this  technology is going soon we will have register this things at the DMV and have a pink slip to drive them ..=)=)=)
In next week wait parcel. After send some real photos.
Very nicee.
At last came the new chassis.
Here are the first pictures.

[Image: e384711f9562t.jpg]
[Image: e235065b5b04t.jpg]
[Image: eea3efb88837t.jpg]
[Image: 42c328fa7335t.jpg]
[Image: 6019d0070ee1t.jpg]
[Image: 8fe39b6b5d68t.jpg]
[Image: 97ce93458295t.jpg]
[Image: b292512e5375t.jpg]
[Image: b895d74b5492t.jpg]
[Image: c602a8da0dc7t.jpg]
wow you not just got one, but two.. how much did they cost??
This is not for me. This chassis ordering for our JXR Ukraine Club new members.  
I think the Bigest JXR owner club in Europe, now 21 membrs in club.

About price look PM.
How much does one cost? Looks pretty nice  =)
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