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Full Version: General Lee Evo
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So here's my Evo. Not quite done but it had to be rushed. So ixnay on the fender flares, ixnay on the stealth mounts, and ixnay on the super fancy light kit (though I still have a basic light kit that still needs to be mounted)

I pretty much ruined the body when I reamed out the post holes. I was distracted watching TV when I was doing it. The front holes are too big and freaking uneven so it pulls the body a bit counter clockwise making the LR wheel look dumb. If I find some stealth mounts in the PI then problem solved.
On the plus side, the fluorescent orange turned out crazy vibrant like I wanted. It messes with my cell phone camera.

So going with the Ridiculous theme, I figured lets mix redneck and rice and see what happens. Some of my friends think the Confederate flag is a racist symbol. I view it as a symbol of rebellion (which goes along well with my "do what you want because it doesn't have to be that way" attitude.) Bahala na right?

[Image: 20130324_154124_zps62c45d7f.jpg]

[Image: 20130323_021838_zpsd92bf45f.jpg]
That is ridiculous!! Nice job, that orange is bright!!!!!!!
lol, very cool/odd at the same time! I love the  look in the first pic more then the second
but overall I like it!
Very different.. Love it... So when you coming to pinas?
Nice job man, what did you use for that orange? I'd like to do something similar
4 coats of  fluorescent orange, 2 coats competition orange, 2 coats white, 1 coat black.  

Combat Driftr, the 8th!
Oh shit.. You will be here next week.. Cool.. I live in paranaque which is not far from Alabang.. If you want we can chill... I got a car here so I got transportation..
That's awesome bro.  Not very good at speaking/understanding Tagalog or any other Filipino dialect though.  That said, good to know you're close by.  I'll be having alot of downtime and was planning on going drift track/hobbyshop hunting.  I've seen shit on Youtube so surely there has do be a decent drift scene going on out there
Well I can speak the language and most people don't think I do.. Lol.. Yeah I have been here close to 2 months and have asked loads of people where and no responses.. The only one I know of is top secret.. I know how to get there so if you need a ride just tell me.. we can roll together and introduce you to andrew the owner of top secret..They have a lil track.. Thats all i now of, So I tend to jus do drifting in condo complex.. Jus seeing the perplexed look of Filipinos seeing a rc car drift is awesome... Let me know man...
When I'm on the long ass flight across the pacific I'll give you a PM!  Lol.  I hope airport  security doesn't trip off my RC shit.
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