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Full Version: [Gsx] 0nevia GT lm edition
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hi ! ;)

Here is my latest creation based on onevia nissan, r34 deco Gran turismo pace car!

and many elements have been added!
thank you for watching =)

[Image: 1365164633_P1050796.jpg]

[Image: 1365164929_P1050816.jpg]

[Image: 1365165058_P1050808.jpg]

[Image: 1365164770_P1050810.jpg]

[Image: 1365217190_P1050818.jpg]
i love !
Love it!! Great job.. I used own a real 1via in Japan so these have a special place in my heart... Enter this for the April body of the month!!!
Wow this is so beautiful, if you enter BOTM. I hope you win man!
Very impressive, grat job!
Definitely BOTM worthy, looks awesome.
si tu t'inscrit je te tape XD
thank's ! i enter in the botm Shy
Looks wicked man!
super job super slick
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