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Full Version: RWD conversion questions
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I haven't been into RC stuff for years, and haven't logged in here for years too.welp.
I found my Sakura Zero S collecting dust for years while cleaning up my room. Thought I'd do something about it.
Planning to convert it into RWD. I know the chassis is quite unfavourable.
I don't have the brightest idea in my mind, was thinking of doing C-Hub delete mod, buying an R-31 steering rack, drill some holes and slap it in. Remove the top CFRP plate, mount the servo at the back and a battery holder mounted sideways. Or in other words, conversion based on TRF415MS-H.
Would it be worth the try or is it worth it to just buy a brand new RWD kit? Or at least, correct the parts I'm planning to use.
Not  sure if you had any luck converting you Zero S. I have a clone version that I was thinking of making a RWD conversion. So far it is a spool in the rear, removed the front diff and belt. Remove the "dogbone" in the Universals drive shaft in the front. 

Thought able grinding the C Hubs or doing the C Hub delete but didn't have a spare in my box so I modded the front knuckles instead. Used a rotary tool to cut and grind out quite a bit of material. Got some improvements in steering angle but it seems like the inside wheel will always get a lot more steering angle than the outside wheel. Would this be a problem? 

I will also need to make a new top deck or grind it away to clear the line from the servo..... but if I am going down that route I was thinking if I should relocate the servo and go direct from servo to knuckles? 

Don't want to drill holes into the chassis because this clone came with the carbon chassis.