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Full Version: Yokomo DP DP8 RWD setup parts
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Can you tell me parts which could make me rwd setup for Yokomo DP DP8 ? Tell me links.
What's your budget? I recently converted my DP to RWD and if had the option again I would probably just buy the Yokomo conversion kit.
They do one that comes win plastic shock tower, etc.
And one that comes with Aluminum tower etc.
That would be the easiest, quickest way as by time you get a-arms, rwd knuckles, longer wipers, ackerman rods etc.
If talking about that chassis, i will buy it next month... :) I just think about future...
And those parts are too expensive for me...
My budget is only for chassis and system.
About 200.
Why not YD2? It's RWD out of the box and within your budget.
About 200 budget with electonic system
200 for everything... that changes things a lot.
What do you already have now? Do you have battery and charger? Those alone cost about 50USD. Then add another 40USD for budget radio system.
Unless you can get the chassis for 100 it's almost impossible. I tried to keep my cost lower than 200 too and now it's more than 260USD (give or take converted from Euros).
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