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Full Version: New and looking for suggestions on an incoming D4 RWD
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hello! I finally got bored modding my little tt02's for drifting and decided to pick up my first rwd and ended up getting a sakura D4 kit off of rcmart, it came with a gyro, servo, and a cool NOS weight bottle :) 

I would appreciate any suggestions for parts I still need! I was also curious if any of my tt02's electronics and motor would work or work temporarily until I learn what motor would be better. 

Radio: (will this work?) Tactic TTX300 3-channel SLT system
ESC: (will this work?)  TBLE-02S tamiya brushless esc 025
Motor: (will this work?) Mabuchi RS-540 Torque Tuned Tamiya
Pinion: (is this okay?) 48p 21t
Battery: *Need suggestion*
Servo: Yeah Racing Hackgear Drift low-pro digital .08
Gyro: Yeah Racing High Precision gyro GC301 

I also picked up an adjustable steering assembly, upgraded front knuckles & rear hub carriers, new bearings and magnetic body shell posts for my subaru body that has been awaiting its chassis. 

Thanks for looking!
Here is the body, and one of my dogs.
[Image: aB35BxL.jpg]
[Image: VutnSKq.jpg]
Nice body you've got here.
I'm no expert but radio, servo and gyro will work for sure. If ESC and motor are enough for your pervious car then it should be enough for your new car too. It's just the matter of gearing which I know nothing about.

How did you do your rear light, may I ask? It looks so real. My guess would be the Tamiya clear paint with chromium bucket but I'm not sure if that paint will actually stick.
Cool, thank you! I'll try out all my previous stuff before buying any new electronics.

But yeah you got it! they're chrome light buckets made by tamiya. After the main paint dried I taped off the clear section and hit it with tamiya translucent red. Had tested it on scrap prior, and found the best route to be about 5 of super light coats. I'll find the exact paint code later, it's definitely for lexan