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Full Version: New To DM - Getting back into RC in a bad (Good) way.
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Howdy DriftMission. I grew up on Tamiya RC with TL01's and e-maxx. Took a break for quite a while. Then the bug bit and im back in deep. 
Current stable includes: 
- TRF801XT-e monster truggy 
- TRF801X-e SCT 
- TT02B MS that turned into a wierd 2.2 (HPI WR8 wheels) freak drifter thing. Its still in the works. and may still transform into something completely different
- Twin Hammers with Sand Scorcher body currently being built
- Second Twin Hammers on the way -Undecided on final direction for this build but a solid axle scale drifter may be on the table for this one.

I am also dreaming about building some whacky projects once the stable is reliable and set up, like:

-Weird buggy or 2.2 drifters based on fxx-d, fmx-d tt02, TB03, TB04, BD02, DF03, or TRF502X. Obviously this set of ideas is completely half baked, but the general gist is that I would use the gear case and suspension geo from whatever base model and then fabricate a custom chassis and body set.

- Scale Solid axle drifters based on either a Twin Hammers, MST CMX, or SCX-10. with a abs hard body. 

Excited to be part of the DM forums and look forward to diving down all the rabbit holes I can find! 
Concept sketches and the current state of the TT02B MS:

[Image: 32409118775_a7a243e898_z.jpg]IMG_0452 by Gavin Stewart, on Flickr

[Image: 32409120455_2cd48bdf1b_z.jpg]IMG_0451 by Gavin Stewart, on Flickr
[Image: 32369733776_91a7f664dc_z.jpg]IMG_0450 by Gavin Stewart, on Flickr
[Image: 32409124025_e48b52e855_z.jpg]IMG_0449 by Gavin Stewart, on Flickr
[Image: 32369736726_1e8df0cbc6_z.jpg]IMG_0448 by Gavin Stewart, on Flickr
[Image: 32369735196_614c92eafb_z.jpg]IMG_0278 by Gavin Stewart, on Flickr
[Image: 32409126185_c88a6cb74c_z.jpg]IMG_0277 by Gavin Stewart, on Flickr