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Full Version: Tires for asphalt
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I will mainly be drifting on asphalt, I Know that the HPI T-Drift #4406 are good but are getting hard to find everyone is out of them. What would another good tire be?
I only find the copy of it and that's what I use.
I got it from my local shop but you can find the same at www.thebuildrc.com .
Thanks for the link. I did end up finding some on ebay.
For regular to slightly bumpy asphalt I find Raikou D70 to be the best tire.
For smooth new asphalt and newly surfaced asphalt, and honestly even some concrete surfaces the Raikou DP20 help keep things more drift than just sliding around.

But ultimately it really depends on your chassis setup and your drift style. Do you like more or less traction, are you 50/50, CS or RWD? High speed, open course, or tight technical? Just some things to consider when choosing tires.