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Full Version: Hi Mini Z drifting
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Hi I am new to drifting 
I drift a MiniZ MA020ve 

My setup:

Soft shocks front and Firm shocks in the rear
Kyosho drift tires
Front one way
Rear diff lock
2.1 CS gear M'racing
EX-10 Tx

I hope to work my way up to 1:10 vans Drifting :D
A video of it drifting would be nice
(02-05-2017, 10:21 PM)Gramps50 Wrote: [ -> ]A video of it drifting would be nice

Hi Gramps50 I am just getting started here is my youtube channel to track my progress. (Please like and sub) I will be installing CS when the gear gets in :D 

Thanks for your passion for R/c drift..!