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Full Version: Hello from Atlanta! New 1/24 scale drifter
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Brand new to RC, and then I found out these little things are heavily modable. Then I saw that they can drift. Take my money.

I got two of the 1/24 scale MicroX Racing cars [1x Rally from nitrorcx.com, 1x SCT from amazon] and started taking it apart after the first battery ran out.

What I've done so far:
- Lowered
- Upgraded to 7.4v 500mAh Lipo (Frankensteined from a drone, relocated to front above servo, lots of wasted space on the chassis due to lonely battery box.)
- Upgraded to oil filled shocks *
- Upgraded to Metal diff cups *

I'd love to transform this into a RWD drift car.
Next steps:
- C-Pillar deletion mod ** (frankenstein/cut up some custom pieces so I'll photo document my success/failure)
- Adjustable front upper mod **
- RWD Conversion ** (shorten the driveshaft, or run motor direct drive if possible)
- Crazy steering angle mod (picked up a 180deg servo, want to learn about them more, I want light enough/torquey enough/zippy enough)
- New Tx/Rx for brushless ESC/Motor.
- Custom chassis with more space and upgrade to 1/10 scale ESC/motor. 
- Heavy Duty all metal rear diff to get away with that.
- Custom parts redone in CF/Aluminum.

I plan on investing in a 3d printer very soon and making my parts available to swap between all three same chassis, maybe some interchangeability between the Losi and the WL-Toys 1/24 cars (adapters n whatnot).

I have photos of my car, I'll make a build thread if anybody is interested in following my work.

* What I've Noticed: 
Surprisingly, the one I ordered off amazon had upgraded metal diffs and oil filled shocks vs the one I ordered straight from nitrocrx.com being hella vanilla.

** Only If I Need To:
If somebody else has done it and has rolled a good mod/technique/partlist/cad/schematics for printing/modding, I'd like to adopt/adapt. If not this will be fun to me.