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Full Version: 50/50 car questions
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Just curious as to the kv or turns everyone is using on their 50/50 setup
i think the 50/50 scene is dead pal :p but i use to run 8.5T
(02-18-2017, 08:53 AM)PedroC Wrote: [ -> ]i think the 50/50 scene is dead pal :p but i use to run 8.5T

Sadly i agree lol i am setting up a chassis just for 50/50 drift and it's been hard finding information online about 50/50 drift. I bought a 8.5t 4300kv motor, hopefully its a good fit.
My Sprint 2 came with a 5900kv and I think it is a little much for drifting.
Is anyone running a one way upfront for their 50/50 car?
Some like oneway, most don't.

Back when we ran 50:50 BLs were around 6.5-10.5. I prefer more control to crazy fast speed so 10.5-17.5 is better.
I go more on kv then turn since same turn motor equal different kv from different manufacturers. For example
Finally the motor came in and it looks amazing.
[Image: 32219239534_3ab0669892_z.jpg]