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Full Version: So Uhhh... I Guess I'll Introduce Myself...
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What it do everybody, it's your boi Snakenator!

So a bit about me:
-Livin in the BEAUTIFUL city of Bakersfield, CA... Worst air pollution in the U.S!
-Finishing off my senior year of high school
-My sole source of income is YouTube... so yeah, no job at the moment.
My YouTube channel is www.youtube.com/dawsonpitcher in case anyone cared, but its mostly just vlogs and crap, so idk if that would really be how you wanted to spend your time.

I have never done RC drift before in my life. Well, that's not true. I did mess around with my uncle's for about an hour and then also had a $20 "Super Drift RC Racing Car" Oh, I occasionally drift in real life... But that is the extent until now. I plan to get into RC Drift stuff at least a little, hopefully a bunch, and that is why I joined the forum: rather than make the mistake of going in blind and then going back and realizing what I should have done, I plan on doing as much research and getting as much help from y'all prior to investing big bucks, then I won't have to make as many mistakes along the way.

That's about it... Hope you can put up with me and my newb-ness for at least a month, then I hope to have done much more research on this hobby so I think it's fair game for you to press me when I make a dumb claim or don't know anything at that point.