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Full Version: Top RWD RTR on the Market
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I'm about to purchase my first (indoor) drift car , I'm going with a RWD , before i make my final choice I wanted to get some expert opinions .

If you had 1000 USD in your pocket right now to purchase your first drift RWD car , what would it be  ?

Please note :

It MUST be RTR from the box .

I prefer Yokomo and Sakura but unfortunately choices of RTR are limited and always missing something that must be purchased separately or there is always something to assemble .

Anyone with any suggestions , even its simply the name of product or link , no need for details , please leave a reply .

I thank you all for your time . 


I have researched the MST FXX-D RTR , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnBSB9FzERE , it was a top contender until i found out that the Unrevised version , version 1 , had some issues and MST went cheap on some parts in the car itself .
I have the FXX-D S as a kit but the chassis has severed me well so far. Its a great first rwd chassis. The box setup works really well on carpet but you will have to play around with it a bit for tile. I added 14 grams of weight behind the battery to make the rear end more stable. Just make sure you get the RTR with the Revision 2 chassis as it comes with a bunch of upgrades that many feel are needed.