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Full Version: another sakura d4 rwd
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Hello everybody! My Sakura D4 arrived and I started building it. Of course I have a lot of questions... I hope I will find some answers in this forum.

[Image: ae2b01c38864bb7654956b6f586ce3a9.jpg]

I already bought some extras, like MST kpi knuckles, 3racing slide steering, yeah racing spur gear holder and some tools.

[Image: 8952d70ade4dc0fd5b0467c50910e387.jpg]

[Image: 8083a7b64aa7b379c4a4cdbe229cf745.jpg]

I am following the settings by some guys I saw on YouTube...

So I didn't put a droop stop (if that's how it's called...) and I went with the 1° rear toe.

[Image: 84d4c910bb425230c00137adaff58e0e.jpg]

You can also see where I mounted the damper holes.

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How much tension should the rwd belt have? Is this correct? Or is it too loose?
[Image: 04aa54e5adc855b90daa03154876f7d3.jpg]
[Image: 6eeaa7417f0edb8b672a1a841ce745da.jpg]
[Image: d9fd1ba91b0ca0774e7bd886f6cdcfaf.jpg]

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Nice. Considering getting a D4 myself. Seem to be pretty popular kit.
The tension seems to be fine.
One comment on sliding steering.
Three posts with bearing holding the curved rail is a little tricky to install.
For me it was pretty buggy. I'd suggest to make two holes at the bottom so you can access to two posts to front side from the bottom to adjust.
it will make life a lot easier.
Let me know if my explanation makes sense at all. I'll upload the photo of it if you want.
Happy building!
Hi use the 4th hole from top for tension settings.

For slide rack, you need to install everything first. Leave the top bearing screws loose. When you attach slide rack to chassis then tighten the top 2 screw with bearings until the slide plate does not shake.

Good luck.

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Thanks guys. Truth is I was fighting all night with the steering rack.... :( On one hand I find it very clever designed with all those bearings and balls under the arc, but I believe it is too difficult to install! (I dind't manage to install it after all). I think the best solution might be to have access from under the chasis to the 2 "adjustable" bearings (sitting in the front). But is it safe to drill holes on the chasis ?

#littlemonsta if you do it your way, I think the bearings might not be screwed straight...
Here is some progress of last night. Until I got stuck with the curve slide rack...

[Image: b8e3ee4fe789a3dcb12e99ea9c6bcddb.jpg]

[Image: 6fbf1f75a7fd7f7da9e4af25c1b5cca6.jpg]

[Image: cd57f58ec1bd43cad649231a1af63900.jpg]

I destroyed one screw but luckily I had spare...

[Image: b9f5e32faecca4179cee675bfb5c2843.jpg]

[Image: edc3e6542ce637dae2285cab21dfb9e5.jpg]

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Well... I installed the rack. Not quite sure if it's done correctly... I guess I will find out when I install the servo.

[Image: 260cd203dc1bcc354f0e56e70f348758.jpg]

[Image: 8108870392e0966f31b50b5282b7014c.jpg]

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Let me clarify best I can.

The 2 bearing nearest the front of chassis. You screw them in. But not tightly. Just enough to hold the curved rack. They can move front and back .

After you have done that you install the slide rack on the chassis with the 2 bearings nearest rear of chassis. Screw them down but not tightly either. After it sits nicely aligned to the groove you can tighten the screws

Not back to the bearing nearest the front. From under the chassis, use your finger to push the bearing towards the slide rack. It will go into the groove and then tighten one by one.

It doesn't have to be super tight. Just make sure that when tightening you can feel a little resistance then stop.

Hope that helps. I'll take some pictures later

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My body arrived yesterday!

[Image: a533799ec66efbcf698b3d9e9530ca49.jpg]

[Image: 747333fa6dcd823b10eb50946989316a.jpg]

[Image: a9bf1770981a51ec80d8962e77883a97.jpg]

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