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Full Version: Lets see those Pickups
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Lets show off your pickup bodies.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
[Image: 20170326_152703-L.jpg]
[Image: 20170128_141054-L.jpg]
Think I have just found my favorite.
Source: Top Secret Hobbies

[Image: drift_buggy-albums-others-picture39472-1...3696-n.jpg]

[Image: drift_buggy-albums-others-picture39473-1...2763-n.jpg]
(04-29-2017, 05:10 PM)H0LESH0T Wrote: [ -> ]Think I have just found my favorite.
Source: Top Secret Hobbies

[Image: drift_buggy-albums-others-picture39473-1...2763-n.jpg]

Like the bed liner, neat idea
[Image: e093dcf909f6d9f8f21826de2b893607.jpg]

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[Image: 81f8f2192abc85a7dee5126a442018af.jpg][Image: c3af4125017f7f82edf3ee640329d587.jpg][Image: 45ede3110374235a53bb36ecc56d230d.jpg][Image: 0171fa8823f070a29cafac63c5f00211.jpg][Image: 9c4852c550c4a32b6d370f0e2dec6448.jpg][Image: fca46bb9ab927adf977c41ea44c2fe81.jpg] my Traxxas mustang 302 chassis and Sakura d3

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Just come across this. Camber on the rear is a bit much.

[Image: drift_buggy-albums-others-picture39523-1...7733-n.jpg]
New to the forum,  Ive been looking for the D21 Hardbody for a while. Ive got a Hard plastic 2002 frontier on a HPI E10 chassis. I love this body! I used to drive on and when I saw the rc body I had to get some. My next challenge is the D21 for my trailer.
[Image: 19748597_10212852639246914_7091653183752...e=5A358D37]

I know its not front and center But it is running full lights.
[Image: 19961233_10212873708133623_8600606513210...e=5A289C0C]