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Full Version: Help on deciding new chassis
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Hi, I'm lost on deciding a new drift chassis. My current build has been my long time running Tamiya TL-01 but I have been having too many grinding gear situations. Every time i took off it seemed like the gears would make a grinding noise and then be fine. Now it just grinding with no movement. Ive replaced the entire chassis n gears once before and now im done with this thing (Had it for 20yrs lol). I have a brushless setup on it running 3s lipos. Im looking for a decent awd chassis to throw all my electronics on with the exception of my servo (which is the original one). My budget is around the $200 range. Also I would prefer that the chassis can be upgradable as in plastic to alum parts so that I may do that slowly. Any good tips on a new servo would be useful as well. Thank You
Running 3s through most cars with plastic gears is gonna destroy them. If youre looking to drift youre just using far to much power.