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Full Version: To diff or not to diff
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Reading from the forums, the main consensus I get is not to diff your rwd.

after MST rmx-s launch, I find that ball diffs are standard out of the box. Testing the car, feels very responsive and smooth in a drift.

Compared to my solid rear, which seems slightly less stable during drifts.

I decided to diff my team magic e4d. I find that it(handling wise) has slightly improved. IMO, I say diff the rear.

What do you all think? What's your experience on this ?

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I'm far from an expert as I just got into RWD not long ago. My Yokomo YD-2 out of the box is diffed and does well if someone else is driving it. :-) I recently picked up a MST Fxx-D that has the diff locked to me it's harder to drive (drift). It may not be setup as well as the YD-2 but of the 2 cars I prefer the YD-2 with open diff. I think the other cars I have driven all had open diffs too.
Remember that the YD-2 comes with a Geardiff - A copy of how a diff works in real cars, but the downside is that if you wanna have a stiff setup, the oil thickness has to be thicker and vice versa for lose diff. I've owned a YD-2 and the diff is very hard, the oil they give with the kit is thick and the O-rings sealing the oil in were tough so the whole thing drove like a solid axle. I changed mine to a Balldif as tiny balls rubs against a slipper plate - Much more easy to adjust on the fly and works pretty good + no oil needed, just grease.

A loose balldiff is recommended as it gives the tire with maximum grip power to the ground and the car drives better this way. The RMX-S comes standard with it but it's not standard on most of the earlier Rwd chassis they produced. I know for a fact that we got 5 peeps running the FMX-Pro and they all got the rear solid axle with the kit.
Someone tried both options with the same setup?
I have one in my D Like RER. I use a Yokomo ball diff and I enjoy driving it more than the stock. I like to keep it loose and being that the whole premise of the design of that chassis is weight shift, there is a noticeable difference. I am not planning on locking it up any time soon. Have fun!