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Full Version: New to RC newer to drifting
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Hello. I'm finally joining the forums after lurking for some time while contemplating my first drift purchase. I started bashing SC trucks over the winter and decided to get into the world of drift this summer. 

I picked up a Sakura D4 and all of the fun go fast bits. Just finished putting it together yesterday and got to test it out briefly. 

Can't wait to start drifting and appreciate the opportunity to learn from posts on this forum.
Welcome to DriftMission, if you have a drift track in your area I would suggest that you go there. Normally the guys will give you tips on setting up your car. At least that is the way it is at my track. I also try to replicate the track surface at home so I can practice there too. My track is polished concrete so I practice on my basement floor which is tile so it's close enough that the settings don't need to be changed. Also tires make a big difference in the car handling and can change from one surface to another.
Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately, Drifting isn't as popular around my area and the closest drifting group I've found is about 2 hours away, but I do plan on setting up a track in a friends basement/Driveway.