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Full Version: New Member - Budget TC4 Project
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How's it goin everyone? I've had this brand new TC4 Club Racer laying around and finally decided to turn it into a beginner drift car. At some point I plan on purchasing a real Drift Kit but for now I'm hoping this will do. I have spare parts an figured I'd build a Frankenstein chassis. Specs are:

TC4 Club Racer 
GForce 21.5T motor ( Motor / ESC subject to change)
HPi SC15WP ESC ( pulled from E10 Drift ) 
Spektrum STX2 2.4 transmitter / receiver combo
Turnigy DriftSpec 303 servo
Turnigy 5000mAh 2S LiPo
72T spur / 22T pinion / 2.5 Internal Ratio / FR : 8.17 Ratio

Did a little work today an started getting everything together. Waiting for a shipment from hobbyking and I'll post more pics as progress is made. Still deciding to on what body to run and what wheel style to go with it. Any comments is appreciated
Tc4 make awesome racers. Before i found i wasnt the only drifter in town i was considering buying one to race it at the track. I believe you can do cs conversions with a tc4. I would look into this.
Right on man I'll do some research on that 

I've found numerous Pn#s to run a Front One Way on this chassis but everything is either discontinued or on back order (Yokomo SD640T, TC3 FOW, etc.) Seems the same way for a locked rear diff. Guess I'll worry about those items when I have a few initial test hits in.

I ended up ordering the following from RCMart today:

- Hobbywing 13.5T / Onisiki Hell Blaze 60A ESC combo
- Yeah Racing Spec D 3mm offset wheels / tires
- 48P 22T Pinion

Details an build photos coming as soon as I get my hands on packages from both Hobbyking and RCMart
I remember those days. When i was looking for a oneway for my e10 it took about a year to come back up in stock from the point i started to look for one.
Oneway diffs do pretty good in small tight technical tracks. But if you do alot of big sweeps, a locked rear diff should be enough control for 50/50.
Keep us posted. I wanna see that tc4 progress!
Looks like a locked rear diff is probably a good idea for now then. Thanks bro

...still anxiously waiting for these parts to show up
Just received my package from HobbyKing thru USPS. Thoughd I'd post a few photos before installation, will post those photos sometime this weekend when I can get to it. 

- LiPo with bullet connectors ( plan on converting to Deans )
- Turnigy Drift Spec 303 Servo ( just to get started / eventually will upgrade )

Really impressed with the quality of parts after unpackaging for the money I spent. Time to break out the Dremel and grind down those notches in the battery tray to compensate figment for the LiPo. Stay tuned....