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Full Version: DARC spring matsuri 2017
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I'm finally getting around uploading some of the so so pictures I took with my phone. 
I flew from south Florida to Dallas to meet these guys and what a blast I had. 
[Image: 20170331_154040.jpg][Image: 20170331_154056.jpg][Image: 20170331_154114.jpg][Image: 20170401_153905.jpg][Image: 20170401_155538.jpg][Image: 20170401_155607.jpg][Image: 20170401_155625.jpg][Image: 20170401_155704.jpg][Image: 20170401_165015_HDR.jpg][Image: 20170401_235243.jpg][Image: 20170402_133706.jpg][Image: 20170402_170358.jpg][Image: 20170402_190349.jpg][Image: 20170402_190405.jpg]