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Full Version: Sakura D4 ball cap end broke can't find plz help
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='( I broke the front lower control arm, the ball cap part. I can find the actual arm but not the ball cap i have the Sakura D4 Black with a mono shock setup. 
Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where to get a full upgrade, arm and ball cap. All the aluminium upgrades i've seen still use that composite ball cap with the aluminium control arm.
Do you have a manual/parts list at all with the kit?
I haven't owned a D4 but at a quick glance you may have to buy them in the upper ctrl arm kit????
Part No: D403
They seem to be around the $5 mark

[Image: xejrz7.jpg]
yeah I have the replacement parts coming and some extra arms with ballcaps in them, and yeah arms and ball caps where 7 dollars and the ball caps alone where 5...what i'd like to know is...is there an upgrade for those ball caps? All the upgrades i've seen have had all the parts aluminiun except that ball cap...i see lower control arms, steering blocks, turn buckles, but not the ball cap.
For as popular as the kit is you would of thought there is something stronger out there.
Yeah its getting kind of frustrating...can't find anything ...i've already gone to the local hobby shop and kinda incorporated some off road stuff...cutting & drilling...however i'm back on the concrete...lol...i should probably learn how to drive...I even busted a turnbuckle rod. If anyone out there knows of a total frontend aluminium hopup i'd love to hear about it...Sakura D4 CS sport blk edition...I'd even put pink...smh

You can mod your own.

One screw, couple of spacers, ball end screw and ball end joint.

Will work for drift tracks but wouldnt recommend going off road with it.

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