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Full Version: 3D Printing an Entire RC Drift Car - Need Suggestions!
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Hello dear forum users,

          I am planning on making a 3D printed RC drift car. I own 2 cars 4 planes and a drone (so I am not new to RC but am new to RC Drifting) and have been using my 3D printer for about half a year now (I have decent experience with modeling in AutoCAD, Fusion360 and others).

          Since I have never owned a Drift car Any suggestions you have are welcome. Did anyone else here already make this, what material are the tires made out of, will a plastic chassis hold up to the force a drift car puts on it, how important are the suspensions (are they just for looks or do they actually provide some sort of improvement to preformance or something else, which parts do you reccomend I upgrade to metal etc.

BTW, I am building this with the scraps of my 1/12 buggy so i can pick up lots of spare non plastic parts if necessary.
If you're just playing about with FDM molten plastic printing... meh don't bother. Squirty printing is only good for nonstructural cosmetic pieces, not stressbearing chassis structural pieces or drivetrain.

There's various projects like OpenRC already out there, some print big chunky chassis casings & use existing RCs for drivetrain parts.

If you're into sintered metals & have ability to laser cut plates of carbon fibre & a lathe/mill to turn alloy parts... hahaha then we're cooking :)